Skills Sunday Bible Reading Basics – Part 1 (with thanks to Jen Wilkin)

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Keep in Mind When Reading Scripture:
The Bible is a book about God. The Bible is a book that is, first and foremost, about God – his character, his nature, his action. Anything we hope to discover about our identity, our hopes and dreams must be made in relation to the living God. (See the story of Moses in Exodus 3.)
Honour the context. The Bible is made up of historical writings of various genres that were written to a specific people, in a specific time in history and a specific location and situation. It doesn’t matter what a passage means to us if we cannot say what it meant to the original audience.

Questions to Consider Reading Scripture:
• What does this passage teach us about God?
• What questions need asking about the context?
• What can take away in terms of:
• Understanding (how the original audience received it)
• Interpretation (how we can receive it now)
• Application/Illustration (how we can apply/remember it)
• Hint: Look for repeating words to help identify themes.
• Welcome and make note of confusing or unanswered questions

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