Avenue Church is supported by the generous gifts of the people who financially partner with us in the work we are doing locally and globally. Everything we do is a direct result of your generosity! There are a few different ways to give at Avenue Church:

Cash or Cheque at Sunday Service

Fill out a designated giving envelope (located in the baskets in the center of the tables in our worship space) and enclose your cash or cheque, made out to Avenue Christian Reformed Church. Seal the envelope and return it to the basket. 100% of the giving goes to the church.

Online Giving

Click the link below to donate through our website. You can make a one time donation or set up recurring transactions. Members can also donate through their personal Planning Center account. You will be receipted for 100% of the money given. The church is charged 3% on every transaction.
Donate To Avenue Church

Automatic Withdrawal

For Automatic Withdrawal forms please contact The cost to the church is $5 a month to process all automatic withdrawal transactions, so this is a very cost effective option.