40 Days of Prayer Invitation

40 Days of Prayer Invitation 2018

Avenue Church is entering an important and exciting time as we seek God’s continued vision for us as a church family. In the coming weeks, we will be seeking his Purpose (mission for Avenue Church), Place (ministry context and gathering location) and Power (empowerment of the Holy Spirit to live this out).

Avenue Church began in the fall of 2014 as God’s answer to many prayers. As we move deeper into God’s purpose, place and power for us, he is calling us to return to seek him in prayer.

We invite you to join with us in prayer for this season of seeking and discernment over the next 40 days utilizing the guide below (We will begin this journey on May 7 and conclude June 29. We have 5 days/week x 8 weeks scheduled).

Thank you for your continued partnership in the gospel to the glory of God and for the sake of his kingdom!

Mondays (Acts 2)

Please join us in praying for God’s clear direction, guidance and empowerment to carry out the mission that God has for Avenue Church. Please pray for the pastors, staff, executive team, house church leaders, other servant leaders and the community as we listen for and discern God’s vision and as we move in the power of God’s spirit into this vision.

Tuesdays (Jeremiah 29)

Please join us in praying for our neighbourhoods of Alberta Avenue and Parkdale where we currently gather. While crime, poverty, exploitation and loneliness continue to be present, the Spirit of God is at work to bring the kingdom of God into fullness. Pray for our local politicians, community and business leaders as well as for landlords and developers with influence (both positive and negative) in the neighbourhood.

Wednesdays (Revelation 7)

Please join us in praying for the other churches and pastors in our neighbourhoods of Alberta Avenue and Parkdale, including the churches we partner regularly with in prayer and ministry: Crossroads Salvation Army, St. Faith’s and St. Stephen’s Anglican, Avenue Vineyard, Norwood Wesleyan and Bethel Gospel Chapel.

Thursdays (Luke 10)

Please join us in praying for our (and your) neighbours, friends and family that don’t yet know the grace and love of Jesus. Pray that you’d have the opportunity to get to know your neighbours well enough to begin to know their needs and how you may pray for them. Pray for the opportunities to care for them in their needs and for the courage to be vulnerable to allow them to attend to your needs. Pray for the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus and how he has saved and transformed your life.

Fridays (1 Corinthians 12)

Please join us in praying for discernment in how God might be inviting you to partner with us at Avenue Church. Whether you are a regular attender, a casual guest or a distant prayer supporter, are there ways in which God is inviting you to partner with us for the sake of the gospel in our local context?


Aaron Au
Loretta Stadt

Samantha Stauffer

Executive Team
Shawn Devries
David Dykstra
Cindy Abbink
Keith Goutbeck

House Church Leaders
Kim Schenk
Mike Kunicki
Sam and Josh Stauffer
Calvin and Julie deHaan
Shawn and Roxanne Devries
Miranda Mulder
Loretta and John Stadt
David and Lauren Dykstra

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